Getting moving – sport and exercise with a heart condition

Most people with a heart condition can do some sort of exercise, but how much and what type really depends on what kind of heart condition you’ve got and what kind of treatment you’re having. It’s important to know that things can change, and even if your doctor told you to avoid exercise when you were little, or you were kept off PE at school, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to dodge sport for the rest of your life.

The important thing is to talk to your specialist and find out what kind of exercise is right for you, but here you can find out a bit more about exercise for people who have a heart condition.

About Getting Moving:

• What is exercise?
• Why should I exercise?
• What are the types of exercise?
• No excuses!
• Top tips on getting moving  

Lynne Kendall, Children’s Cardiac Physiotherapy Specialist, Leeds Children’s Heart Unit 

(Date written October 2007. Date for review October 2008)