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What does the heart do? Ellen

Jo Answers:
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Hi Ellen,

This is an important question – we all hear lots about heart disease and looking after our heart but it is helpful to know what the heart does in order to understand why we should do these things.

As you probably know, the heart is a pump which pumps blood around the body to all of the organs, muscles and other parts of the body.  The blood carries oxygen and nutrients which the body needs to work properly, and it also carries waste products that we do not need away from the muscles and organs. 

If the heart does not pump the blood properly then the brain doesn’t get any oxygen or nutrients and nor does the rest of the body, including other organs such as the kidneys and liver, and the body will then stop working.  Looking after the heart is therefore really important so that the heart works well for a long time. 

There are things which we can all do to keep our heart healthy, such as eating a low fat diet which includes at least five portions of fruit and vegetables each day, not smoking and exercising regularly.  It is never too soon to start looking after our heart as well as we can and it will help the rest of your body too, making you feel generally fitter and healthier.


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